Welcome to the 2020 Delaware State Fair's Online Entry Registration Portal
    1. Please select the (1) “Register” button to start making your entries.
    2. Each year all exhibitors are required to create a new exhibitor account (unless using ShoWorks Passport). When registering, please enter the legal first and last name.
    3. Livestock exhibitors must complete the number of animals per department that you plan on bringing to the fair on the exhibitor registration page.
    4. Livestock exhibitors must complete livestock location information on the exhibitor registration page. (This is for the Delaware State Vets' office when they come to check animals prior to the fair)
    5. The only form of payment accepted for entries is credit card.  
    6. Please see our website for Online Instructions for help with entering your exhibits and Department Rules and Regulations. You may do so by clicking on the following link: https://delawarestatefair.com/10-days-fair/exhibitors/  
Premium Department contact information: premiums@thestatefair.net.
1. Changes to All Show Schedules, Animal Arrival and Departure Schedules, Weigh-Ins and Barn Meetings – All dates and times have been modified so that only one species is in the barn at one time. Please check the schedules very carefully as the duration of livestock presence on the grounds is being shortened thus creating the need for new and in the case of some species several move-in and move-out dates. Every department is impacted so please review the department pages for each species that you plan to show and compete.   
 2. Tagging Dates – 2020 tagging dates have been revised as follows: (1) Saturday May 16th; and (2) Saturday May 23rd; and Sunday May 31st. All tagging events will be held on the Fairgrounds from 8:00AM – 12:00NOON each day. On each date, animals will only be tagged. There will be no weighing of any animals. Rate of gain contests will not be held this year. The schedule of Fair time weigh-ins can be found in the departmental pages and Livestock Handbook. Distancing and face mask requirements will be observed at all tagging events. Please arrive with the least number of helpers in your party. Tagging will occur while the animals are in your trailer(s). Unless directly helping with the tagging process, your passengers should remain inside the vehicle.    
3. Online IRS Form W-9 - When adding your first entry to your new exhibitor account, you will be prompted to complete and sign an online version of an IRS Form W-9. The completion and submission of the W-9 is mandatory for all livestock exhibitors. Unless you complete the online IRS Form W-9 you will not be able to make your first entry. We are gathering this information so that the IRS reporting requirements for premiums and auction earnings can be met.
4. YQCA Mandatory Training for All MARKET Exhibitors - All junior market animal exhibitors MUST complete a Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) training certification, unless they have an existing Youth Pork Quality Assurance (YPQA) certification that is still valid through July 2020. The YQCA training certification course can be done online, but must be completed prior to the start of the 2020 Delaware State Fair (July 23, 2020).
        1. This mandatory training requirement shall apply to all those exhibiting market animals. The training certification is not limited to only market animal exhibitors and all exhibitors are encouraged to consider completing this course.
        2. If you are a junior market animal exhibitor and have not attended or completed the online YQCA course or currently have an existing YPQA valid certification by the start of the 2020 Delaware State Fair (July 23, 2020), you will not be permitted to show your animal and will be asked to remove your animal from the grounds.
        3. More detailed information about the YQCA requirement and how to fulfill it for each specific age bracket can be found on the following link: https://delawarestatefair.com/app/uploads/2020/05/2020-YQCA-Certification-UPDATED-5.6.20.pdf 
5. Use of Portable Fans in Kent and Schabinger Barns - New large (and I mean real large) format overhead fans in copious quantities have been installed and are now in service in both Kent and Schabinger Barns. Due to now limited electric supply circuitry in both barns, the use of portable fans cannot be permitted.